Marquette Area FIRST Robotic Competition

Cold Logic Team Picture Hello and welcome to the homepage of the Marquette-area FIRST Robotics Competition team #3617 Cold Logic. Our team encompasses high school students from the Marquette Area Public Schools, North Star Academy, Marquette Home Schools, and Gwinn Community Schools.

Team Cold Logic competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition alongside over 3,600 teams from around the globe!

It is our greatest goal that students who are a part of Team Cold Logic gain confidence in themselves, their skills, and their ability to learn from failure. We aim for students to create lasting friendships and networks not only on their own team, but with members of other teams, as well as members of our community.

Fundraising Progress

Cold Logic Fundraising Every year, Team Cold Logic aims to raise funds to cover the cost of competition registration, parts for the robot, upgrading and replacing old tools, and lastly hotel and food for students during the competition weekends.

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Each student member is tasked with raising $1,000 through business sponsorship, grants, fundraising events, and individual donations. As well as earning money for the team; students learn skills like how to create a business plan, grant-writing, business relations, and event planning.

Community Outreach

Cold Logic Outreach Giving back to the community is what F.I.R.S.T. is all about!

Volunteering at community functions, making public appearances, and fostering S.T.E.A.M. interest throughout the community. These projects and events allow our team to create public relations and thank our supporters.

Current Outreach Projects:

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U.P. Robotics Conference
Click Here to Learn More about the UP Robotics Conference
Robots @ The Libraries

Robots @ The Library Peter White Poster Robots @ The Library Forsyth Township Poster R@TL 2019 will take place the week of May 4th through May 11th. Cold Logic will be hosting their events at
Forysth Township Library in Gwinn on Saturday May 4th,
and Peter White Public Library in Marquette on Saturday May 11th.

Robots At the Libraries is a event aimed at getting robotics teams (FLL-FRC) to do robot demonstrations at their local libraries to help kick-off the summer reading program. This event helps to connect teams and libraries, and build S.T.E.A.M. interest in the community.

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Robot Build

Cold Logic Build Season Every year, FIRST Robotics Competition teams are tasked with creating a robot that completes a certain set of tasks. These tasks can include everything from playing basketball to moving and stating crates.

Starting the first Saturday in January (Kick-Off), teams have only six short weeks to design, prototype, build, program, test, and practice with their robot before heading off to competition.

Along with the Game Challenge, FIRST lays out rules for robot building. This usually constraints the size and weight of your robot, as well how many motors can be used and of what type.

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Currently, the students of Team Cold Logic are working on building two Ambassador robots for the team to display and demo at events. These robots will be more compact than our usual competition robots and will have extra safety features.


FRC teams compete at the District / Regional, State, and World levels.

At the District level, 40 teams compete both with and against each-other in over 100 matches during the course of a weekend. Matches are comprised of two randomly selected alliance with three teams each.

2019 Destination: Deep Space

In the 30th year of FIRST Robotics, teams K-12 will be delving into the depths of space!

At the high school-level, FRC teams will be competing in a game called "Destination: Deep Space."

The game's rules and conventions will be revealed at the FRC Kick-Off on Saturday, January 5th, 2018.

Click Here to Watch the FRC Kick-Off LiveStream

2018 Power Up

In the 2018 game, FIRST Power Up, robots were built to pick up and carry Power Cubes (milk crates with a fabric covering) and stack them either on the Switch (floor-level teeter-totter on either side of the field) or on the Scale (6ft tall teeter-totter).

Teams earned points based on the amount of time a Switch or Scale was tilted towards their alliance's color.

The Power Cubes could also be used to active Power Ups that would let a team take control of a Switch or Scale, and / or earn bonus points from a Switch or Scale.

At the end of the match, robots needed to climb the scale to "face the boss."

Off-Season Event : Cardboard Robot Chaos

Off-season event, Cardboard Robot Chaos Team Cold Logic is looking to host an off-season competition at Marquette Senior High School in Summer 2019.

The challenge of this competition will be to create a robot using cardboard! All FRC and FTC teams are welcome to join!

An exact date and rule-set has not yet been determined for this event, more info to come!

Thank you Sponsors

Cold Logic Sponsors Team Cold Logic would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our donors and sponsors!

2018-19 Sponsors

Eagle Mine, Betsy K. Starling, David & Barbara Kellogg, Deborah Gershenson, Christine & Samuel Simonetta, Carolyn L. Myers, Marquette Automotive, Constance G. Arnold, Gwinn Lions Club, Cowell & LaPointe CPA, Superior Collision, LaFayette Collision Center, Discover Sawyer Family Fun Days, Rotary Club of Marquette, Lutey's Heritage Motors, Goodwin's Auto Repair, CADVR-America's Central Adventure Rider's Rally, J.M. Longyear, Kiwanis Club, Susan M. Graves, Larry & Emily Lewis, John & Elizabeth Jameson, Cassleman & Henderson PC General Accounting, Jean & John Montgomery, Jessica & Bill Donnell, Surgical Associate of Marquette PC, Border Grill, UP Catholic Credit Union, Pearson Family, Katherine & Eric Rose, Tucker & Jim Tremble, Wallace and Carrie Pearson, John Jameson, IBEW local 906, Jane Morse, and Riverside auto.

2017-18 Sponsors

Northern Michigan University, Jean & John Montgomery, Marquette Senior High School, Bill & Jessica Donnell, Marquette Breakfast Rotary, Kiwanis Club of Marquette, Marquette Builders Exchange, Exchange Club of Marquette, Econo Foods, Closner Construction & Sales Inc., Sally Davis & Dave Campana, IBEW Local Union 906, Advance Center for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael G. Nidiffer MD, Superior Dental Care, Robert & Meredith Kulisheck, Swick Home Services, Younkers, Moosewood Nature Center (Haunted Bog Walk), Mandel Electric, Hong Kong Buffet, B&G Heating and Plumbing Inc., Alpha Omega Dental Center, 906 Technologies, John & Elizabeth Jameson, James & Elizabeth Trimble, Lutey's Heritage Motors, UP Catholic Credit Union, Border Grill, James & Donna Peterson, Bingham Boatworks, and Pharmacy Phill.